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Welcome to OUR SPACE - The Cooking Kitchen 

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 14.23.34.png

We are delighted to welcome you to our our kitchen  and beautiful space in PARKWOOD JHB.

Our space consists of 3 independant kitchens, 2 x 25 seater dining areas and loads more to enjoy.

Our stylish outdoor Alfresco kitchen is nestled in a delightful herb garden at the fron of our venue.  


The main kitchen has lovely fold away French doors opening up onto a stunning patio, invinity pool and tree hugging back garden with a 25 seater dining table.

We also have a 25 seater indoor dining area just off our main kitchen. 

With these beautiful surroundings our kitchen is a calm and inviting creative space to create the perfect meal and enjoy a delightful cooking experience and meal with fellow foodies young and old.

We are  very excited to welcome you into our space and create unforgettable meal's and ever lasting fun memories with friends and family.  

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