Kids Cooking Classes

The Cooking Kitchen run informative and fun extra mural cooking classes every afternoon and on Saturday mornings.  Our classes expose children to food preparation, heat and cooking equipment, equipping them with life skills.

In each class your child will prepare a carefully selected dish that is age appropriate. Each child has their own work station equipped with ingredients, utensils and cooking equipment that will be used to cook on the day.


All recipes are supplied and we encourage our young chefs to bring a flip file to class so they can start their very own recipe book.  


Children are encouraged to have fun while cooking and are able to take home their makings for the family to taste.

Grate care is taken to accommodate every young enthusiastic chef so we are Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. 

Our classes are schedules according to age and so designed in two cost and time profiles:

Junior Chef: 90 min classes - R380 per class or R 1000 per month for

                                          4 classes ( Unfortunitly no under 8 yesr olds)

Senior Chef: 90 min classes - R380 per class or R1000 per month for 4 classes 

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" Cooking is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. 

​It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity"

   Additional Educational skills taught by cooking:
  • Social skills - Teamwork that will encourage self-esteem
  • Colours , shapes, art and textures of food and equipment
  • Science - How the properties of food change through cooking
  • Maths skills - Measuring, weighing and counting
  • Language skills - Terminology, foods, equipment and following instructions
  • Fine Motor Skills - Mixing, weighing, cutting, mashing, separating and rolling
Childrens Cookig Classes
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