Corporate Team building and company year end functions have become a big part of our business over the past few years.  We are very proud of the companies we have worked with and who has enjoyed cooking in our kitchen.  We aim to structure each event or cooking menu around our clients requirements and what they would like to get out of the afternoon or evenings activity.  


Working as a team in a relaxed and social space has proven to be a great team-building and networking opportunity for both big and small companies.    We incorporate all dietary requirements and make sure every person joining the cooking activity is catered for.  

Food is such a fun way to explore creativity and to unleash that inner Master Chef.  We offer exciting cooking options that will make even the non foodie excited to be in the kitchen and create that fantastic dish.

All Ingredient as well as equipment is supplied and each participant will receive all the  recipes cooked at the event so they can recreate the dishes at home. 


Alcohol or any other soft drinks can be brought or we could source it at an extra charge.  We do have glasses, cutlery and crockery that can freely be used at the venue at no extra cost.



1.  OPTION 1  ( Cook a 3 or  4 course meal )


Depending on the size of the group participants will be divided into groups or teams. Each group\team  will cook part of this menu, this option usually consists of 2 x starters, 2 x proteins such as seared full fillet, fish or chicken, 2 to 3 sides with a salad and lastly a dessert.  


The amount of dishes we cook will depend on the size of the group and the amount of teams.

At the end of the cook we usually set out the dishes in a harvest table so everyone can enjoy all the dishes that have been cooked.



2. OPTION 2 ( THEME COOKING) Cooking from around the world 

Many companies have had great fun with an Italian cook where each team makes different pasta’s from scratch with our pasta machines.  


Each team will also make a different pasta sauce and again dietary requirements are incorporated.  


Other fun themes we have had great success with in the past is :

  • Mexican 

  • Spanish

  • Greek 

  • Thai

  • Asian 

3.  SUSHI MAKING - This is a little more costly because of the ingredients

      Cost per person is R 800

In our sushi class each person will have the opportunity to learn how to roll their own sushi, using a bamboo mat, sushi rice and many traditional sushi fillings.

We will finish off the experiance with traditional chinese bowties


COSTING: ( R700 per person )

The cost per person is R700 and we do require a minimum of 10 people for a private event. Our kitchen can comfortable host 40 people .


Team \ private events are usually  4 hours depending on the client.  As our main goal is too make the event as successful as possible we are very flexible and will always try and accommodate our clients and their needs as much as possible.  


We do require a 50% deposit to secure and confirm a booking.  


We have been fortunate enough to work with and had the privilege to host in our kitchen.

Hollard - 36 People

Tourwest Finance Department - 25 people

Duxbury Networking - 30 people

Acres of Love - 5 events with 15 people each

Mylan Phamaceutical - 6 sessions with 12 doctors each 

Property project - 20 people

Netcare - 25 people

KAPGEM - 10 people

HP ( Hewlett Packard) - 30 people

Ernst and Young - 20 People

KPMG - 25 people

FNB Forrex trading - 36 People

ABSA Management team - 40 People

BCG Consulting - 14 People

EDS - 25 People

Cantilever- family - 15 People

AngloAmerican - 35 people

Assumption Convent ( Grade 7 leavers Master Chef ) - 31 girls

RMB - 8 People

Crown Foods - 32 People

Thamanisi Technologies - 20 People

Acumen Software - 35 People

Flying Fish ( SAB) - 25 People

Nando's - 15 People

Bombay Saphire ( 25 people)

L'Oreal ( 22 People)


Our Team events also include private dinner parties, Bachelorette's,
Baby showers, Special Birthday parties and many more.

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Thai Cuisine
Roasted Chicken