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Holiday Programme

APRIL 2021

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Not sure what to do with your little one's during the  Holidays ?


Why not enroll them in our Holiday Cooking and Baking programme in the mornings.


What better place to make delicious treats but also get into the spirit of the Holidays in our fabulous new kitchen in Parkwood.  Our Holiday Programme is formulated and designed to keep every child interested and busy for 2 hours in the kitchen.  

All ingredients are supplied as well as the recipe for the treat or activity we will be making that day. Our students can either eat some of their treats while in the kitchen but we do make enough for them to take some home for the rest of the family to try.  


Our classes are great fun and we can guarantee your kids will not only having a blast but also gain valuable skills and knowledge in cooking, while making delicious treats and food in the kitchen.    


This is the best way to keep your kids entertained and busy during this upcoming holidays.  

 Workshops are 2 hours  

Time:  10am - 12pm


COSTS:   R 350 per class per child


       Please book your spot early as space is

      limited to 12 children per session 

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