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Home cooking class bag

Our answer to the new pandemic that has devestated the world and our country we at The Cooking Cooking Kitchen have decided to keep cooking but bring our skills as well as ingredients to you @ HOME.


Our HOME COOKING bag is a safe and healthy way to still attend our cooking classes but in your own kitchen. We will fill each bag with all the ingredients you will need to make your selected recipe, your bag will also include helpful equipment like cookie cutters and piping bags if these are needed to complete your dish.  


It's nice to follow a recipe but how much nicer would it be to follow instructions from an actual  person me ( Yolanda  ) - like we are in The Cooking Kitchen having our weekly class.  Each recipe will have step by step instructions and a live demonstration and will be available on our YouTube channel .


This is your personal cooking class with your own ingredients @ HOME. 

As we spend more and more time at home with social distancing the HOME COOKING bag is the ideal activity to keep busy and as an extra bonus your kids can cook you dinner or make fantastic treats for the family to enjoy while at home.

Each bag is packed in a sanitized environment making sure everything is as safe and healthy for you and your family.  All ingredients are fresh and bags are backed to order every day.  

Orders will be packed and delivered to your door within 24 hours.  We offer FREE DELIVERY to Parkview, Greenside, Parkhurst and Rosebank area's.  For deliveries outside this radius a delivery fee will apply.

We are very excited to bring our HOME COOKING bag to you and hope we can make this unsettling time a little more enjoyable and tasty.


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